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The success of YTRON is based on the exact admission and analysis

of the individual application. For local support, we recommend to contact our  sales partners

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Do you want to carry out trials with your own raw materials?
In our test center, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. 

Your Application Our Solution
mixing liquids YTRON-Y,    YTRON-Y ByPassYTRON-Z
mixing liquids and high viscosity substances YTRON-Y,    YTRON-Z,    YTRON-Y ByPass
suspending / dissolving / processing 
easy to wet-out powders
suspending / dissolving / processing
difficult to wet-out powders
homogenizing YTRON-Y,    YTRON-Y ByPassYTRON-Z
emulsifying YTRON-Y,    YTRON-Z
dispersing of already suspended particles YTRON-Z
suspending powders YTRON-Y,    YTRON-Y ByPass
Yoghurt-Stretching, Quark-Stretching YTRON-Z

Viscosity example

Example: Silicone oil, Viscosity range 1 - 50.000 cP