The ZC-Principle

The powder is sucked in by the strong negative pressure created by the ZC-reactor head. Immediately after contacting the liquid phase, the powders are instantly wetted and thoroughly dispersed.


This process is actually completed before the powder is fully hydrated. Due to the extremely short time shear forces are applied, the process is a very gentle one.


In most cases a single pass operation ensures that even when processing extremely shear-sensitive thickeners and gelling agents, the highest viscosities are achieved.

Special features:

  • In a single pass setup, the use of this YTRON means no shear damage to shear sensitive thickeners. When used in recirculation, the YTRON can be used to apply a defined amount of shear to homogenize or emulsify the product.
  • Rotor/Stator slot widths and combinations are selected to suit the specific purpose.
  • No introduction of addition of air except the air present between the powder particles.
  • High efficient dispersing in combination with low energy input
  • ATEX rated version available for zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.

Animation YTRON-ZC

Important Advantages of YTRON-ZC

  • Extremely difficult to wet out powders are processed in a single pass.
  • The defined application of shear forces results in a STRETCHING® effect of the molecular chain which therefore leads to an increase in viscosity.
  • Selection of rotor/stator slot width according to the application.
  • No air entrainment other than the occluded air in the powder phase.
  • Batch time reduced to the minimum.
  • Significantly higher yield due to an intensive wetting out of the powders
    Feeding from BigBag or silo is also possible.
  • Perfectly wetted-out products are achieved in the shortest time.
  • CIP and SIP available.

Keeping the dispersing capabilities and efficient pumping separate makes the dispersing reproducible and efficient.

The power introduced via YTRON-ZC is used only to a limited degree to creating a pumping pressure. The main part of it is used to effectively disperse or wet out, the dry matter in the liquid phase.
In combination with the appropriate pump selected for the relevant liquid phase, an extremely high pumping efficiency is achieved. For low viscosity, centrifugal pumps are used, for intermediate and high viscosity, positive displacement pumps are recommended.
In the high viscosity range, 80 % or more of the energy can be saved in comparison to conventional processes.
This means: No heating of the product due to mechanical energy input above the minimum during dispersion.
Reproducable results are normally achieved in a single pass.
The product is subject to a homogeneous, uniform dispersing or shearing effect as it passes through the reactor head. There is no portion of the flow required to bypass the shear head for pumping the liquid in a loop.


  • Recirculation via mix tank (batch process)
  • Providing highly reliable processes


  • InLine process without recirculation (continuous)
  • Quick processes
  • Powder addition from big bags possible
  • Dosing of raw materials required

Typical application examples

Difficult to wet out thickeners and gums (binders), stabilizing and gelling agents, e.g. MC, CMC, HPMC, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Pectin, Agar-Agar, Aginate, Starches, Carrageenan, Xanthan Gum, Milk and Whey based Proteins as well as Polymers with a tendency to stick and form lumps (Poly-acrylic Acids, Carbopol etc.).
In a special configuration, YTRON-ZC is also suitable for very high solids contents in a single pass. Example: Silicates and binders in high viscosity liquids such as sugar syrup and chocolate mass.
Please note: In a single pass, the application is particularly gentle for shear sensitive products. Even on multiple passes, the shear rate is reproducible.



YTRON-ContiCone is a novel product based upon the proven YTRON-ZC powder dispersing technology. YTRON-ContiCone enables the user to instantaneously disperse a "dosed" quantity of solids into a metered liquid product flow.

YTRON-ContiCone is designed in such a way that a defined amount of powder can be dispersed into a metered flow of liquid. Therefore, the ContiCone-technology is an important advancement to the YTRON-ZC range. The ContiCone technology allows a high level of accuracy for continuous dispersing of powders at concentrations of up to 50% or higher. The closed design minimizes the dust emission of YTRON-ContiCone. Typical applications can be found in the cosmetic and food industry as well as in special chemical processes.

YTRON-ZC Dispersing table

  • Dispersing of powders in a single pass without the formation of any agglomerates.
  • Versatile system to be used e.g. for dispersing of hydrocolloids of all kind, starches, milk proteins, MC, CMC, HPMC, guar, pectin, carbomeres.
  • Spontaneous dispersion in a single pass means a significant reduction of ripening time.

YTRON-ZC ViscoTron

YTRON-ZC ViscoTron for high viscosity products and/or high volumes of powder introduction.

This setup combines the proven technology of the YTRON-ZC with a positive displacement pump at both the inlet and outlet. Due to the high negative pressure at the powder inlet, the YTRON-ZC ViscoTron can easily be fed by a suction lance, too.


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