YTRON InLine Dilution System

Surfactants (e.g. sodium lauryl ether sulfate = SLES) are used in many cleaning products for personal and household use. As a rule, these raw materials are produced and transported in a highly concentrated, thick fluid  form. However they require to be diluted before further processing can be carried out. In the case of SLES, a dilution from 70% down to a maximum of 28% is common.

A compact solution, offered by YTRON is a fully automatic dilution system based on the YTRON-Z inline homogeniser. In this process the surfactant and water are metered  continuously in the required proportions and passed through the YTRON-Z to produce a lump-free diluted product. The raw material can be taken from a storage tank or directly from the road tanker and diluted for further use.


  • Compact system including electrical cabinet with touch panel
  • Capacity: 1,000 - 20,000 kg/h final product
  • Selectable concentrations: 5 - 28% SLES
  • Quantity measurement
  • Volumetric dosing
  • Optionally with preservative dosing

YTRON VacuPlant®

  • YTRON VacuPlant® is a universally applicable system for mixing and dispersion of powders and liquids
  • Using vacuum to draw in powder, the VacuPlant will disperse, dissolve, deaerate and emulsify with ability to heat and cool as required.
  • Optimised process configuration
  • We work in partnership with our customers to develop tailor-made process solutions

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YTRON VacuPlant® 2000 for the production of air-free creams and lotions

YTRON-Y dispersing station

  • Incorporation of lump-free powder which do not tend to stick in liquid template in a batch process
  • Designed for ATEX applications
  • System configuration according to customer specifications

YTRON-ZC 5 ViscoTron Powder Dispersing Plant suitable for ATEX operation

  • Plant for suspending pigment powder in water 
  • YTRON-ZC 5 powder disperser 
  • Positive displacement pumps for feeding and product discharge 
  • Low-dust powder loading by the big bag emptying station 
  • Control system for semi-automatic operation 
  • Capacity: 30 big bags within 8 hours 
  • Viscosity of the pigment slurry: 10,000 cP


YTRON BigBag Dispersing Station

  • BigBag station allows fast, lump-free powder incorporation in very short term. 
  • Perfect product quality.
  • Low power consumption (only 7,5 kW up to 4 t/h powder injection)

Mixing tanks equipped with YTRON-Y

  • Homogeneous and very quick mixing of liquids without air-entrainment
  • Ideally suitable from water like viscosities up to more than 50.000 mPas
  • No bearings and seals in the immersed section, therefore maintenance requirements are low
  • Easy to clean
  • Available for use in ATEX zones