Process Order

After the powder has been placed in the hopper, silo or big bag, YTRON-Y is switched on. After opening the valve the vacuum sucks in the powder below the liquid level and distributes it spontaneously and homogeneously in the liquid. Floating or sedimentation of the powder are excluded. In order to prevent air being sucked in or the liquid rising, the shut-off valve must be closed immediately after the powder has run through and before the YTRON-Y is switched off.

Certain powders with a low bulk density can be extracted directly and dust-freewith a hose from a sack or other container. A small amount of secondary air is required here for fluidization.

High Shear Version

For crushing and shearing your products in the tank. The YTRON-Y with high shear head.

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YTRON-Y Shear Jet

The product is intensively sheared with the YTRON-Y Shear Jet. The mixing principle is comparable to classic jet mixers. This makes the YTRON-Y Shear Jet suitable for the production of emulsions and for applications where particle size reduction should take place during mixing.

This version can also be combined with the YTRON By-Pass pipe in order to suck dry substances directly into the mixing head and disperse them there spontaneously.

Optionally, this special mixing head is also available with a removable immersion part.