Variant: YTRON-Y ByPass

Working Principle

Free flowing powders without a tendency to stick or form lumps such as Silicia, Active Carbon, HPMC, Cocoa, Flour, Carbon black, can be drawn in below liquid level by the rotor/stator system. They are instantly wetted, suspended or dissolved without the formation of lumps.
High viscosity products and those that are difficult to dissolve can be injected directly into the YTRON-Y ByPass. This way an instantaneous dissolution or suspension is achieved.
The directed jet stream homogeneously mixes the product into the entire batch.

Process Order

Once the powder is in the ByPass hopper, silo or BigBag, the YTRON-Y is switched on. The powder valve is opened and the negative pressure created at the YTRON-Y head draws the powder in dispersing it instantly and homogeneously into the liquid. It is not possible for the powder to float on the surface or lay as a sediment on the bottom of the vessel. In order to avoid air 
entrainment or liquid rising up the ByPass tube, the powder valve is closed once all powder has been sucked in. Once the valve is closed the YTRON-Y can be switched off. 
Certain powders with a low bulk density can be sucked directly and dust-free from a bag or other container. In this case, a small amount of air is required to ensure fluidisation of the powder.

High Shear Version

Apply high shear forces to your product for wet-milling or homogenisation directly at the mixing tank: The YTRON-Y High Shear version.

Let us convince you of the multiple advantages!


Variant: YTRON-Y Shear Jet

The YTRON-Y Shear Jet applies high shear forces into the product while providing a similar mixing effect as the standard YTRON-Y jet mixer. This makes the YTRON-Y Shear Jet suitable for the production of emulsions and for size reduction of particles during mixing.

This design can also be combined with the YTRON Bypass tube to incorporate powders directly into the mixing head thereby dispersing them instantly.

As an option, this special mixing head is also available with a removable immersed section.