YTRON-XC Powder dissolver - The principle

You may be surprised that YTRON machines have lower power consumption than those of our competitors. With our in-line powder dispersing machines in particular, the power requirement is typically less than half of our competitors. 

This is because we use highly effective dispersing machines to disperse the dry powders, which, however, do not have a significant pumping effect.

A major disadvantage of in-line dispersing machines with pumping effects is that the powder incorporation is limited by the pump function

In addition, the effectiveness of the pump function decreases further, as viscosity increases.


With YTRON systems you save energy. And in every hour of production, every day.

Reduced energy consumption gives quicker payback and a lower cost of operation.

Powders and compounds that tend to clump or stick are fed in-line and finely dispersed. In this way, the highest concentrations are possible in a single pass.

The first stage in the reactor creates a strong negative pressure and sucks in the dry materials. Immediately after contact with the liquid phase, these are thrown against the XC baffle plates and broken up by high-frequency impacts. In the second stage, the already homogeneous, thoroughly wetted product is discharged without any problems.

The major advantages of YTRON-XC...

  • Complete wetting out of the powders in a single pass
  • Concentrations of up to 40% are possible in a single pass
  • No air entrainment other than the air included in the powder phase
  • Batch time reduced to the minimum
  • Higher product yield due to the intensive wetting of the powders
  • Low intensity mixing due to high impact frequency instead of high shear
  • Feeding from Big Bag or silo
  • CIP and SIP

Animation YTRON-XC


  • Recirculation via mix tank (batch process)
  • Providing highly reliable processes


  • InLine process without recirculation (continuous)
  • Quick processes
  • Powder addition from big bags possible
  • Dosing of raw materials required

A selection of possible dry materials for processing with YTRON XC:

Acrylic acid polymers



Activated charcoal




Cellulose Ether (MC, CMC, HPMC)

Guar gum


Locust bean gum



Powdered milk

Milk protein



Rework of various products

Soy flour and protein



Wheat flour

Wheat gluten

Xanthan gum

and many more

More Information in our brochure...