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The XC Principle

Powders and compounds with a tendency to form lumps are continuously incorporated inLine and effectively dispersed. This means that even in a single pass, very high concentrations can be achieved. The first stage in the reactor head creates a strong negative pressure and sucks the solids phase in. Immediately after contact with the liquid phase, this premix of the 2 phases is impelled against the XC impact chamber plates where the liquid is absorbed into the powder phase. The second stage discharges the homogeneously wetted product.

Important advantages of YTRON-XC

  • Complete wetting out of the powders in a single pass
  • Concentrations of up to 40% are possible in a single pass
  • No air entrainment other than the air included in the powder phase
  • Batch time reduced to the minimum
  • Higher product yield due to the intensive wetting of the powders
  • Low intensity mixing due to high impact frequency instead of high shear
  • Feeding from Big Bag or silo
  • CIP and SIP

Animation YTRON-XC