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YTRON-Y jet stream mixer - Principle

YTRON-Y creates a pure axial jet stream.
It rapidly and homogeneously mixes, without aeration, liquids and viscous products. Vortex formation, normally associated with conventional agitators, is eliminated.

Disadvantages of Conventional Agitators

  • Radial flow pattern (rotational flow)
  • Non-uniform and incomplete mixing
  • Vortex formation, strong aeration, (Result: Oxidation, change of colour, problems with the heat transfer etc.)
  • Sedimentation
  • Floating
  • Incomplete mixing of the vessel contents
  • Dead zones around the area of the baffles
  • Local shear forces, long process times
  • Side entry: Product contacts the seal directly

Advantages of YTRON-Y Jet Mixing Turbine

  • Axial flow pattern
  • Homogenous mixing
  • No air entrainment
  • No sedimentation
  • No floating of product on the surface
  • Rapid mixing of entire container contents
  • No baffles / flow deflectors required, flow deflectors are integrated in stator
  • Low shear due to short residence time in the YTRON-Y mixing head
  • Rotor in contact with the moving product only
  • Rapid process time
  • Side entry: Air cushion prevents product from contacting the mechanical seal surfaces at the top of the shaft.

The choice of the right YTRON-Y depends on each individual case, to get the optimum results for the specific application.