The YTRON-Z Principle

One or more liquid phases, as well as unsuspended particles, are passed by a forced-feed passage through the rotor-stator-system. The In-line-principle effects a defined and reproducible application of shear forces.

With the parameters of slot width, number and distance of the shear slots, number of rotor-stator-sets used, rotational speed and flow rate, the desired dispersing or homogenizing effect, can be infinitely adjusted.
Conventional batch processes often require recirculation and lead to a localised over-shearing of the products. This also lead irregular treatment of the batch. In contrast, the YTRON-Z ensures a homogeneously and reproducibly dispersed product in a single pass.

YTRON-Z InLine Homogenisator

  • Homogenizing
  • Wet grinding
  • Stretching® of fluids with high shear

Special features:

  • To be used for dynamic mixing, diluting, emulsifying, desagglomerating
  • Homogenizing of liquids
  • Individually adjustable by selecting specific rotor/stator combinations.
  • Dispersing and pumping effect combined in one unit.
  • Hygienic execution for use in Food and Pharma applications
  • Motor power: 1.5 - 132 kW

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