YTRON - The company

YTRON is a specialist in the range of homogeneous, air free mixing of liquids, suspending and dissolving of powders of all kinds, as well as homogenising and wet-grinding respectively, emulsifying and gassing.


YTRON is a medium size manufacturing company specialising in rotor/stator-systems. The fields of application for this technology include the homogeneous mixing of liquids, supending and dissolving of powders of all kinds, as well as a multitude of different dispersing applications.

With over 50 years of experience, the name of YTRON is known throughout process industries as a leader in new developments, and a quality way above the average with total reliability.

The change to the new generation was successfully carried out with the transfer of the company by the founder, Dr. Roland Karg to Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Trauwitz in 1998.

A continuous and competent development program in the range of products has resulted in YTRON equipment being used in key production applicatons. These include the leading international companies in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

YTRON is represented in over 50 countries. Competent advice and local "after-sales service" for the customer are our first priority.
Our experience will justify your trust in our machines.