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The ZC-Principle

The powder is sucked in by the strong negative pressure created by the ZC-reactor head. Immediately after contacting the liquid phase, the powders are instantly wetted and thoroughly dispersed. This process is actually completed before the powder is fully hydrated. Due to the extremely short time shear forces are applied, the process is a very gentle one. In most cases a single pass operation ensures that even when processing extremely shear-sensitive thickeners and gelling agents, the highest viscosities are achieved.

Animation YTRON-ZC

Special features:

  • In a single pass setup, the use of this YTRON means no shear damage to shear sensitive thickeners. When used in recirculation, the YTRON can be used to apply a defined amount of shear to homogenize or emulsify the product.
  • Rotor/Stator slot widths and combinations are selected to suit the specific purpose.
  • No introduction of addition of air except the air present between the powder particles.
  • High efficient dispersing in combination with low energy input
  • ATEX rated version available for zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.