YTRON-Y jet stream mixer - Principle

YTRON-Y creates a pure axial jet stream.
It rapidly and homogeneously mixes, without aeration, liquids and viscous products. Vortex formation, normally associated with conventional agitators, is eliminated.

Advantages of YTRON-Y Jet Mixing Turbine

  • Axial flow pattern
  • Homogenous mixing
  • No air entrainment
  • No sedimentation
  • No floating of product on the surface
  • Rapid mixing of entire container contents
  • No baffles / flow deflectors required, flow deflectors are integrated in stator
  • Low shear due to short residence time in the YTRON-Y mixing head
  • Rotor in contact with the moving product only
  • Rapid process time
  • Side entry: Air cushion prevents product from contacting the mechanical seal surfaces at the top of the shaft. (version 10)

The choice of the right YTRON-Y depends on each individual case, to get the optimum results for the specific application.

Disadvantages of Conventional Agitators

  • Radial flow pattern (rotational flow)
  • Non-uniform and incomplete mixing
  • Vortex formation, strong aeration, (Result: Oxidation, change of colour, problems with the heat transfer etc.)
  • Sedimentation
  • Floating
  • Incomplete mixing of the vessel contents
  • Dead zones around the area of the baffles
  • Local shear forces, long process times
  • Side entry: Product contacts the seal directly

YTRON-Y lab scale execution

Apart from the standard units, the YTRON-Y is also available in a portable or mobile version. A Laboratory type with a bench top stand, a production unit on portable hoist or an installation with a static hoist are available.

The YTRON-Y will be adapted individually to the relevant application. This way even complicated applications and large volumes will be mixed efficiently.

YTRON-Y - various sizes and executions

With five modular sizes, hundreds of possible combinations and motor power from 0.25 kW (bench top devices) to 55 kW, we offer a wide range of jet mixers for every application. Depending on the requirements custom designs are also possible.

YTRON-Y in tank flange execution

YTRON-Y in Side Entry Tank-flange execution below Liquid Level
Application: Fermented Milk for Fromage
Frais Production (100.000 litres capacity)


YTRON-Y version 11

The YTRON Y version 11 offers all the advantages of our standard jet mixer whilst meeting the highest hygiene and cleanability requirements. All product contact parts are easily accessible and therefore easy to clean. The innovative design makes this version our best jet mixer for a wide range of applications.

Other advantages:

  • Suitable for side installation in the mixing tank
  • Space-saving installation possible due to short/direct coupled design
  • Sealing via cartridge seal (seals can be replaced without dismantling the mixer)
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Suitable for homogeneous mixing of thin to viscous liquids

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