Production of liquid food with YTRON

Background / Application

  • In the production of protein shakes, whey beverages & plant based drinks (e.g. oat & almond milk), there are many different dry substances that must be dispersed gently but effectively.
  • Incomplete dispersion of powders such as protein isolates lead to agglomeration which causes problems in further process steps such as enzymatic treatment or separation
  • Conventional agitators and/or unsuitable powder dispersing units can cause quality issues such as inhomogeneity, low product yield and increased process times

The YTRON solution

  • With the YTRON system, the liquid phase flows through the reactor chamber using a centrifugal pump. This creates a vacuum in the dispersing chamber which draws in the powder phase.
  • The powder phase is immediately wetted when coming into contact with the liquid phase in the shear zone
  • The complete wetting out of the powder phase prevents agglomeration


Advantages of the YTRON series

  • Reproducible shear force input with agglomerate-free dry matter already after a passage through the rotor / stator system
  • Different machine designs according to the application.
  • This results in optimum efficiency and energy consumption
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