YTRONizing fruit juices

Background / Application

  • Homogenization of fruit juice concentrate and pre-mixing
  • Improvement of sensory values 
  • Reducing tendency to settle through targeted reduction of particle size
  • In addition to high capital  investment and excessive  energy consumption costs for high-pressure homogenizers, the costs for maintenance and wear parts  are another important issue.
  • Furthermore, the formation of metallic taste can be the result

The YTRON solution

  • Use of YTRON-Z homogenizer
  • The reactor head contains up to three rotor-stator sets with extremely fine radial tolerances
  • The product is passed in a forced passage through the labyrinth created by  the rotor-stator sets
  • The InLine principle effects a defined and reproducible shear force in a single pass


Advantages of the YTRON-Z in YTRONizing

  • Clogging or blocking of filling valves / nozzles by the fibre content of the juice is eliminated
  • Viscosity is not significantly affected
  • YTRONizing with YTRON-Z produces comparable results to those of a  high-pressure homogenizer for many juices
  • Significant reduction of capital investment & operating costs

How the YTRON-Z homogenizer works

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