Important Advantages of YTRON-ZC

  • Extremely difficult to wet out powders are processed in a single pass.
  • The defined application of shear forces results in a STRETCHING® effect of the molecular chain which therefore leads to an increase in viscosity.
  • Selection of rotor/stator slot width according to the application.
  • No air entrainment other than the occluded air in the powder phase.
  • Batch time reduced to the minimum.
  • Significantly higher yield due to an intensive wetting out of the powders
    Feeding from BigBag or silo is also possible.
  • Perfectly wetted-out products are achieved in the shortest time.
  • CIP and SIP available.

Keeping the dispersing capabilities and efficient pumping separate makes the dispersing reproducible and efficient.

The power introduced via YTRON-ZC is used only to a limited degree to creating a pumping pressure. The main part of it is used to effectively disperse or wet out, the dry matter in the liquid phase.
In combination with the appropriate pump selected for the relevant liquid phase, an extremely high pumping efficiency is achieved. For low viscosity, centrifugal pumps are used, for intermediate and high viscosity, positive displacement pumps are recommended.
In the high viscosity range, 80 % or more of the energy can be saved in comparison to conventional processes.
This means: No heating of the product due to mechanical energy input above the minimum during dispersion.
Reproducable results are normally achieved in a single pass.
The product is subject to a homogeneous, uniform dispersing or shearing effect as it passes through the reactor head. There is no portion of the flow required to bypass the shear head for pumping the liquid in a loop.