Production of paints and varnishes


Dissolvers and agitator ball mills are often used in the paint and coatings industry. The requirement to introduce large amounts of powder, some of which have a low bulk density, leads to a variety of process problems. Powders that are difficult to wet (e.g. silica, cellulose derivatives) require high motor power from the dissolvers, can create dust emission issues and require long process times. This results in high energy and production costs. Other process issues include product heating as well as dry powders floating and sticking  to the tank walls. The resulting cleaning requirements can be considerable. In addition, the batch sizes are limited by the tank volume.

The YTRON-Solution

With the YTRON powder disperser, powders are introduced, dispersed and deagglomerated in a controlled inline process. In order to achieve a perfect result, the right rotor-stator combination is selected for your task.

The rotor/stator system creates a strong negative pressure and thus sucks the powder out of a hopper, big bag or silo.

The powders are then intensively sheared in multi-row gear rings of the rotor/stator system (high shear mixer). In many cases, the desired particle size is achieved during the incorporation process removing the reuqirement for subsequent wet grinding.


Advantages of the YTRON

  • Low-dust or dust-free powder entry
  • Perfectly dispersed and wetted powders thanks to intensive action of the YTRON diseprserd
  • Energy savings and minimal product heating with a single pass powder incorporation through the YTRON
  • Powder entry into the inline mixer prevents unwetted dry substances from adhering to the tank wall
  • Full flexibility in batch size
  • Supply of several batch containers by mobile powder disperser
  • YTRON powder dispersers are CIP capable

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