Production of ice cream with different flavours


One process step in the production of ice cream is mixing various fruit preparations and flavoring ingredients into the ice cream base. This requires a mixer that can homogeneously disperse even high-viscosity ingredients into a low-viscosity base.

The YTRON-Solution

The YTRON Y jet mixer features a specially developed rotor/stator mixing head that produces a purely axial jet. Added ingredients are mixed with the entire tank contents within seconds by the jet mixer. Sedimentation and air incorporation are avoided.

Varying the speed allows you to achieve the optimal mixing effect at all times. Chunky and shear-sensitive components are distributed gently and homogeneously.


Advantages of the YTRON

  • flow baffles are not required in the tank
  • prevents air incorporation and foam formation
  • homogeneous mixing within seconds
  • prevents sedimentation
  • easy cleaning thanks to hygienic design
  • CIP and SIP capable
  • robust design and low maintenance
  • Individual machine design according to the task
  • Versions for batches from 10 L to over 10,000 L

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