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  • Dispersion of Carbomers, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum etc. (powders are high viscosity thickeners, highly hydrophilic and difficult to disperse without 'fish eyes'), flake wax and other minor ingredients into water and/or alcohol
  • Variable batch sizes 
  • High capacity, single-pass dispersion 
  • The previous method included dumping the powders into the vortex in vessel created by the agitator, leading to large pumps, 'fish eyes' and excessive air entrainment/frothing

The YTRON-Solution

  • YTRON-ZC Powder Disperser with liquid feed from water supply line for single pass powder incorporation and dispersion. Powders are manually filled into the hopper (e.g. from a mezzanine) 

  • Flow meter optional for metering liquid flow rate 

  • The pressure gauge on the discharge to monitor pressure on the discharge line


Advantages of the YTRON series

  • Rapid incorporation and dispersion of solids during the liquid fill cycle

  • Full and homogeneous dispersion already in a single pass 

  • Minimized air entrainment (only the air included in the bulk powder) 

  • Highly reproduceable process 

  • Increase in viscosity: Single-pass processing eliminates over-shearing (common with conventional mixers) and preserves the rheological properties of shear-sensitive products

  • Quicker melting of wax flakes 

  • Reduced batch times leading to higher production capacity

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