Efficient mixing of small batches in the cosmetics industry with YTRON Shear Jet

Background / Application

  • Time-consuming manufacture of cosmetic preliminary products on a pilot plant scale with propeller agitators
  • Thickening agents, bio-polymers, surfactants and titanium dioxide tend to form lumps or fish eyes.
  • Free rotating shafts cause risk of injury during operation
  • Mixing device must be mobile

The YTRON solution

  • YTRON Shear Jet for applying high shear forces during mixing
  • Suitable for batch sizes of 60-200 liters
  • Mobile mixer with hydraulic lifting device
  • Individual safety concept etc.
  • Adjustable protective grille with position monitoring
  • Control cabinet with touch panel on the stand


Advantages of the YTRON Shear Jet

  • Fast and lump-free introduction of dry matter into liquids with viscosities up to 1,000 CP
  • Minimal air induction without of foam formation due to the YTRON-Y principle
  • Avoiding product build-up on the container wall by quickly introduction of powders
  • High level of operator safety / personal protection despite different container shapes thanks to contact protection and safety queries before starting the mixer
  • The mixer shaft is protected from contact by the stator tube.
  • Easy mobility of the tripod thanks to smooth-running castors and push bar
  • The mixer is secured against falling by a hose break protection in the hydraulic unit.
  • Time and energy savings through efficient mixing

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