Preparation of vaccines and solutions for injection


  • Dispersion/dissolution of dry crystalline substances (e.g. salts) into WFI
  • Aseptic processing
  • Process control and reproducibility 

The YTRON-Solution

  • Input and dispersion of dry materials with YTRON in the recirculation process
  • Dry matter input from closed containers
  • Supply pump and control cabinet in grey/technical area (only YTRON-XC and powder handling equipment in clean room)


Advantages of the YTRON series

  • Fast and lump-free dispersion of dry substances in liquid
  • No secondary air input and avoidance of foam formation due to gravity-assisted addition of dry matter into the reactor
  • No dusting and adhesion of product in vessel headspace due to in line dispersion in YTRON-XC
  • Hygienic process
  • CIP and SIP

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