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Rotor/Stator Homogenizer (Inline Mixer)

In process engineering, homogenizers are used to homogeneously mix, smooth and mill liquid products, mixtures and suspensions.
This gives you a finer, smoother product with a high reproducible time and short process times. The high shear forces of the rotor-stator tool ensure optimal product desintegration and break up particles in the micron range.
Food products get a better sensory ("mouth feel") and higher stability.
In the processing of soluble crystals, the wet milling of the crystals achieves a shorter dilution time and thus shorter production times.

The YTRON-Z Inline Homogenizer

YTRON offers the right solution for your application with the YTRON-Z Inline Homogenizer.
Depending on the required shear forces and product viscosity, the YTRON-Z homogenizer can be equipped with up to three rotor / stator sets. The slot widths of the tools can be customized to your product and particle size.

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