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Production of shampoo with the YTRON-Y jet mixer

Background / Application

  • Shampoo is conventionally produced by using slow-speed agitators with multiple stage stirrer organs, because of the high viscosity.
  • During filling of the production vessel, the liquid surface passes through the upper stirrer stages inevitably which leads to strong foam formation.
  • This foam layer cannot be actively removed in atmospheric mixing vessels and thus remains stable for a long time.
  • The results are long process times and reduced product quality.

The YTRON solution

  • An YTRON-Y jet mixer provides its optimum mixing performance, when installed with the mixing head near the tank bottom. There liquid surface does not touch the mixing head during mixing operation.
  • The jet mixer avoids vortex formation by its fully axial jet stream.
  • Therefore air entrainment and foam formation are minimized during when filling and emptying of the vessel container such as during mixing operation.


Advantages of the YTRON-Y Jet Mixer

  • The YTRON-Y jet mixer guarantees a fast and homogeneous mixing of the vessel.
  • The adjustment of the pH value and the subsequent mixing in of flavorings or colorings are possible within a very short time.
  • The process times are considerably shorter in comparison with a propeller agitator.

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