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YTRON-ContiCone is a novel product based upon the proven YTRON-ZC powder dispersing technology. YTRON-ContiCone enables the user to instantaneously disperse a "dosed" quantity of solids into a metered liquid product flow.

YTRON-ContiCone is designed in such a way that a defined amount of powder can be dispersed into a metered flow of liquid. Therefore, the ContiCone-technology is an important advancement to the YTRON-ZC range. The ContiCone technology allows a high level of accuracy for continuous dispersing of powders at concentrations of up to 50% or higher. The closed design minimizes the dust emission of YTRON-ContiCone. Typical applications can be found in the cosmetic and food industry as well as in special chemical processes.

YTRON-ZC Dispersing table

      • Dispersing of powders in a single pass without the formation of any agglomerates.
      • Versatile system to be used e.g. for dispersing of hydrocolloids of all kind, starches, milk proteins, MC, CMC, HPMC, guar, pectin, carbomeres.
      • Spontaneous dispersion in a single pass means a significant reduction of ripening time.

      YTRON-ZC ViscoTron

      YTRON-ZC ViscoTron for high viscosity products and/or high volumes of powder introduction.

      This setup combines the proven technology of the YTRON-ZC with a positive displacement pump at both the inlet and outlet. Due to the high negative pressure at the powder inlet, the YTRON-ZC ViscoTron can easily be fed by a suction lance, too.