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High Shear Inline Homogenizer for emulsification or wet milling

A typical solution for many applications in the field of Food-, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cosmetic Industries is the use of a High Pressure Homogenizer. YTRON-ZHV may be a real alternative for your process, offering an important added value.

YTRON-ZHV is designed for peripheral speeds of up to 60 m/s. Several different configurations are available. For instance a simple change of tooling converts the special execution for emulsification of
droplets into an efficient wet mill for size reduction in suspensions.

YTRON-ZHV 0 offers the additional benefit of conversion into a high efficiency powder disperser by a simple change of the inlet housing. Typically the benefit is a remarkable increase in both economical and physical efficiency.

In a good number of applications, the effect achievable with YTRON-ZHV significantly exceeds the typical limits of toothed rotor/stator systems.

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YTRON-ZP Shear pump

Special advantages:

  • To be used for dynamic mixing, diluting, emulsifying, desagglomerating
  • Homogenizing of liquids
  • Individually adjustable by selecting specific rotor/stator combinations.
  • Dispersing and pumping effect combined in one unit.
  • Hygienic execution for use in food and pharma applications

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