YTRON-Y Application examples

Laboratory type with a bench top stand

Apart from the standard units, the YTRON-Y is also available in a portable or mobile version. A Laboratory type with a bench top stand, a production unit on portable hoist or an installation with a static hoist are available.

The YTRON-Y will be adapted individually to the relevant application. This way even complicated applications and large volumes will be mixed efficiently.

YTRON-Y Jet Stream Mixer with hoist

Five different modular groups with drive motors from 0,25 kW to 55 kW are available in the standard program. According to the application non standard designs are also possible.

YTRON-Y Jet Stream Mixer for side entry installation

YTRON-Y in Side Entry Tank-flange execution below Liquid Level
Application: Fermented Milk for Fromage
Frais Production (100.000 litres capacity)