YTRON VacuPlant


Figure shows a vacuum tank with YTRON-Y Jet Mixing Turbine, YTRON-ZC powder disperser, YTRON-Z InLine homogeniser for the production of creams and lotions.

  • This multi-purpose system mixes liquids homogeneously, draws in powders, disperses or dissolves them, de-aerates, emulsifies and heats or cools the product efficiently.
  • All components of the system are selected for optimum performance.
  • Let us have your application data.
  • We will then design the optimum solution for you.

YTRON-Y dispersing station



Figure shows a plant for the production of tablet-coating

  • Incorporation of lump-free powder which do not tend to stick in liquid template in a batch process
  • Designed for ATEX applications
  • System configuration according to customer specifications

YTRON BigBag Dispersing Station


Figure shows BigBag Station with YTRON-XC disperser for the production of yogurt and pudding base.

  • BigBag station allows fast, lump-free powder incorporation in very short term.
  • Perfect product quality.
  • Low power consumption (only 7,5 kW up to 4 t/h powder injection)

YTRON mixing tank


Figure shows YTRON-Y Jet Mixing Turbine for the production of colors

  • Homogeneous mixing of liquids without air-entrainment in short time
  • Ideally suited for high viscosity materials
  • No bearings and seals in the diving part, therefore, low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Available for use in ATEX zones

YTRON InLine Emulsifying and mixing plant


Figure shows YTRON InLine mixing plant for continuous dilution of surfactant (SLES)

  • Homogeneous mixing of liquids without air entrainment for up to three different fluids of significant different viscosities
  • Easy operation with touch panel ensures controlled mixing at constant ratio
  • Compact design with flow rates up to 25,000 l / h